EKAPAK has been the pioneer & leader for rigid barrier plastic packaging in Thailand ever since our establishment in 2003. We have been emphasizing on producing high value-added packaging to all our customers, leading us to achieving the market leadership position, especially for the RTE (“Ready-To-Eat”) industry. Over the years, our meticulous efforts & services to our clientele have won us countless accolades within the Food & Beverage Industry, which has enabled us to grow at a much faster pace by expanding into the regional marketplace such as Australia, Japan, Indonesia, China, the Philippines & USA (among others). Much of our success story have been contributed by our professional commitment, with strong support coming from our R&D, QA/QC, Technical-Backup and Customer-Services. Our Project Team can handle almost any kind of food-products to be packed and we are very flexible in meeting the varying demands & requirements dictated by the consumer market.

...We can provide innovative packaging products & designs, value-added and capable of meeting virtually all kinds of food product, especially for the RTE (Ready-To-Eat) food industry, where a shelf-life expectancy of up to 2 years may be achievable. We can also develop a tailor-made packaging solution to suit each customer's unique requirements. Moreover, our highly-experienced Project Team can offer a complete (or partial) turnkey production-line, to be fully equipped with the relevant machinery such as a filler, sealer, dryer, retorting or pasteurising station, labeller, cartoning, palletiser, etc.

...EKA PAK CO., LTD remains fully committed to satisfy all our customers' needs and look forward to having the opportunity to share our success story with you. Thank you very much in anticipation of our business venture together.

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